About Us


Who We Are

Formerly known as Bukit Ho Swee Family Service Centre, South Central Community Family Service Centre (SCC) provides support to the low-income and vulnerable families in our community. While giving support to families who seek help in financial, social or relationship issues, we encourage community self-help and cooperation.

At SCC we believe that

• Everything is possible when we use our strengths as people living in the neighbourhood.
• We can become a community of people who are resources to one another.
• We receive from others when we are in need, and we give back when others are in need.
• This community can be a place where there is mutual support, encouragement, and self-help.

Our Approach

Taking an inclusive approach, we leverage on the community to activate mutual help through social connections and inclusiveness with the aim of empowering the low-income and vulnerable families while developing the full potential of the next generation for transformative change.

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Our Vision

Poverty Transformation With-in Empowered Communities

Core Values

We feel for, take pride in, and are committed to going the extra mile to achieve our mission. 

We are open and willing to adjust where needed to work with a variety of changing situations, with individuals, groups, and communities.

We appreciate, care, engage and leverage on each other’s assets/strengths to achieve the overall good.

People Matter
We value and enable positive relationships between and among people by connecting, multiplying, and restoring goodwill.

We believe in the relocation of power back to individuals, groups, and communities to make decisions and co-create solutions and to continue to build their capacity and autonomy.

What We Do

As a community enabler committed to supporting families breaking out of poverty cycle, we connect and partner the community in building empathy and ownership by unlocking the community’s strengths through:

Co-creating opportunities and resources that enable low-income communities towards financial self-sufficiency.

Building a neighbourhood that looks out for the safety, care, and education of vulnerable children.

Leveraging assets to activate community mutual help through social connections and inclusion of people from different social classes, ethnicities, and ages coming together to help one other.

Our Services

Volunteer Management and Partnerships

We build a community of people who serve as resources to each other. Our pool of volunteers comprising of vulnerable families, residents, individuals, students, and working adults (including corporate volunteers and foundation partners) play a part in our poverty transformation work and create a better future for all.

Community-centric Practice in Casework

We strongly believe in the​ power of human connections with every individual and family that comes into our contact.​ Hence, community-centric​ practice in casework and counselling is our key intervention tool in supporting our vulnerable families. Of these, more than 80% reside in one- or two-room​ HDB rental flats, while the rest reside in various housing types such as transitional shelters and other types of HDB flats.​

Community Work and Engagement

We encourage community ownership and co-creation by activating community assets to address the needs and challenges of our community. These include social transformation efforts through the many community initiatives and platforms such as I WISH U ENOUGH annual social movement event in line with the International Day for the​ Eradication of Poverty, Community Garden, Community Kitchen,​ Goodwill Xchange, Family Partnership Programme, and Learning Kampung.