Community Work & Engagement

SCC encourages community ownership and co-creation of bottom-up initiatives to meet the needs and challenges of the low-income families. Adopting the Asset Based Community-led Development (ABCD) approach, our programmes, community platforms/events are co-created and co-owned with the community, centering on the 5 domain practices of Housing, Employment, Education, Health and Nutrition, and Contribution Mind-set. Through these, we aspire to revive the gotong royong spirit of yesteryears, where neighbours help neighbours through sharing of community assets (“gifts”) and mutual help that enables the low-income and vulnerable families out of poverty.

Community Platforms

Community Garden

The Community Garden is a visible expression of community engagement and ownership. Created by a pioneer group of 15 residents in the community, the Garden is run and maintained by these resident gardeners, with support and assistance from SCC. Our garden group also play host to visitors, taking pride in explaining the vegetable crops and herbs, and their involvement with the co-creation and success of the garden.

Request & Offer Board

The Request & Offer Board is a bridge between those who receive goodwill from the community and those who give. Requests from our low-income families are put up through their social workers, and anyone from the community can offer their skills, job opportunities and pre-loved items like household appliances and furniture.

Community Kitchen

Food is one of the best ways to get people together. The Community Kitchen is ideal for gatherings, community events, celebrations, and a platform for our residents to showcase their cooking skills. It bridges the community from both rental and purchased housing, where individuals and families volunteer their time preparing or cooking food for our community events.

Goodwill Xchange

The Goodwill Xchange was set up as a way through which people in the community can help each other. Food, clothes, books, toys, and other “pre-loved” items are donated by the community who want to share, including our low-income families. The latter received not just food and essential items that help them tide over difficult times, they also receive goodwill and an affirmation that the community cares.

Learning Kampung

The Learning Kampung (“LK”) is a homework guidance and befriending programme where volunteers are matched with children from low-income and vulnerable families for weekly learning sessions. These sessions aim to support children in their homework comprehension and completion to maximise learning in school and to improve in their studies.