Transformation Verticals

Transformational Initiatives

Aside from supporting families through our core efforts, we believe the need to go beyond to support other aspiring families in rental communities with potential towards emerging from their current situation through transformative ways. In order for the next generation to break out from the cycle, SCC prides itself on transformative initiatives such as the KeyStart Home Ownership, Education and Learning Support and =DREAMS to help broaden narratives of lower income families in Singapore. =DREAMS is an upcoming aspirational boarding residence, a first in Singapore, for endeavouring co-ed students 13 to 18 years old where students have additional structure educational support in a nurturing and safe environment.

1. Keystart Home Ownership Programme

Children have shown positive outcomes when their families are able to own a home and move out of their rental flats.​KeyStart was created as a community fund to support home ownership for families with children so they can have a better future.


2. Education and Learning Support

We are committed to working with parents,​ schools and community partners to help the next​ generation excel and achieve their aspirations​ and dreams as a community. Our flagship initiative, Pass In Primary Six (PIPS), connects Upper Primary students from vulnerable families to appropriate resources like academic classes and one-to-one intensive programmes, so they have suitable opportunities to do well at PSLE.​


3. Research and Evaluation  

We collaborate with practitioners to design evidence-informed services to determine the effectiveness of our work. We also conduct research to discover new insights and improve practices. By sharing findings and learning points from our research with practitioners and the community, we also encourage a culture of learning and reflection.​



=DREAMS is a first-of-its-kind secular, co-ed weekday residential model that provides after-school education and holistic support. An initiative by SCC, =DREAMS aspires to create a child-centric system of care that empowers promising and deserving children from low-income households to break out of poverty, allowing them to dream of a future where they are not limited by family circumstances.