Research and Evaluation

We collaborate with practitioners to design evidence-informed services to determine the effectiveness of our work. We also conduct research to discover new insights and improve our practices. By sharing findings and learning points from our research with practitioners and the community, we also encourage a culture of learning and reflection.

Since 2016, we have completed 7 practice research studies and 2 evaluation projects. In SCC, we aim to:

Build Capacity for Evidence-Informed Practice 

Encourage a Culture of Learning amongst Practitioners for better impact on families served 

Encourage learning and reflection to improve practice  

Our areas of work:

Learn Together

We conduct workshops and provide mentorship to practitioners to sharpen their investigative lenses.

We create a culture of learning by facilitating learning circles.  

Evaluate and Improve

We evaluate our programmes and initiatives to:

  • Determine effectiveness
  • Test proof of concept
  • Determine whether initiatives are in line with key principles 
  • Collaborate and Discover 

    We conduct practice research to discover new insights and improve practice.

    We have conducted research on topics such as home ownership, education, and community-centric casework.

    We are recipients of a grant from the Mrs Lee Choon Guan Endowed Research Fund for our study on asset-building.
    Please click here to read our research reports.  

    Share & Engage 

    We share findings and learning points with the community and other stakeholders. For example, we hold community events such as “My Children’s Education and I” where we share how children in the community are faring in education, with the aim of inspiring parents and stakeholders to take action. 

    SCC uses QuestionPro to support our research and evaluation work. QuestionPro provides unparalleled insights and just launched enterprise features including Communities, Customer ExperienceWorkforce and Mobile.

    Understanding and Supporting SCC Kampung: Community Profiling Study​

    Between September and December 2020, we outreached to 25 rental blocks in our service boundary. Of the 5,575 households reached out to, 3,000 households completed their profiling survey. Each household also received a $300 Covid fund (October 2020 to February 2021), made possible through the generous donations of donors as part of SCC’s fundraising efforts and our commitment to the rental communities under our FSC care.

    ​Profiling Results and Impact

    From the data we identified 4 types of households:

    Digital Access in our Rental Communities (Profiling Study - September to December 2020)​

    Apart from profiling household typography, we were also keen to discover the extend of digital and Wi-Fi access in our communities and identify families which required additional digital support.​

    Towards Equal Digital Access​

    Through the Covid Education Support Group (CESG), Project C.C.O.V.I.D and the information gathered from our profiling study, we identified families in need and attempted to bridge the digital gap faced by our community members:​​

    Currently, members continue to use the laptops beyond HBL for skills upgrading, e-Learning Kampung with volunteers (Learning Mentors), and employment purposes. Additional supplementary support were procurement, assembly and distribution of craft kits, links, online and engagement tools. Nevertheless, we acknowledged that more could be done hence the conception of I Wish U Enough Equal Digital (IWUE=D) moving forward.