IWUE2021 e-celebration

Thank you for joining us on 13 Nov 2021 for our IWUE 2021 e-Celebration. The event might be over, but the movement continues... so, let's continue to do our part to wish everyone enough!


Past Events

2019 - Colours of Life: Celebrating Diversity and Togetherness

Centered on the theme “Colours of Life: Celebrating Diversity and Togetherness”, IWUE 2019 convened communities from all over Singapore to celebrate the strengths and assets (‘gifts’) of the communities that we work with.

2018 - Small Acts, Big Impact

Centred on the theme “Small Acts, Big Impact”, I Wish You Enough 2018 celebrates and encourages random acts of kindness for people who don’t have enough so that everyone can have enough. The community is encourage to show their support of I Wish You Enough (IWUE) through small acts of kindness such as cooking a little extra for a neighbour who is sick, looking out for each other’s children or the elderly, or simply dropping by to have a chat...

2017 - I Wish You Enough

To help revive and spread the culture of mutual help, residents living in the South Central part of Singapore have banded together with South Central Community Family Service Centre to launch a movement called “I WISH YOU ENOUGH”. The public is encouraged to hang a towel on their front door to express their aspiration for a community where neighbours share with neighbours, especially with those who do not have enough.


Past Year IWUE

Article & Publications

We are continually gaining new understanding on the phenomenon of poverty, both worldwide and locally. Read on to learn more!