The “I Wish You Enough” movement was a really wonderful experience for me and I learnt a lot about what we can do to build our community spirit. My family and I went down to assist in the preparation for the Rojak making, helping to grill the Tau Kwa and cut it into small pieces, to be added into the Rojak later.

Although it was raining rather heavily that morning, I felt that it was really heartwarming to see volunteers of all ages squeezing under the small shelter and enthusiastically doing their part – be it slicing vegetables or drying banana leaves- to help out in the best way they could, unfazed by the inconvenience that the rain brought. 

Through all this, I learnt the importance of the kampung spirit in our communities, and that it can be fostered simply by sharing common experiences and taking that extra step to help each other out; the joy and fun from doing things with your neighbours and helping one another is a very special one. I’m really glad to have been a part of the “I Wish You Enough” movement and I sincerely enjoyed it!